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Mtl JP  22:11:00 GMT - 07/04/2023  
Rafe... 19:58 I was lazy at time of post so I used google's no-cost translation engine for you but I deemed it of sufficient accuracy and purpose.

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:58:38 GMT - 07/04/2023  
JP 23:32 neither do I but it was better to clarify with facts rather than having your delusional translations spreading all over the world and misinforming those who need to know the truth. But as for lacking, I lack no understanding... A seeker of legal truths and civil common sense need not ever wont about the laws as multifaceted truthfulness always is...

Mtl JP  23:32:05 GMT - 07/03/2023  
Rafe... 18:41 normally I would not go out of my way to correct someone but in your case - exceptionally - I make an exception: what I posted is a a translation of a law and a link to the law in its original language, namely French. And so, exceptionally, I point out to you that it is your comprension of the law as it is written that is lacking.

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:01:01 GMT - 07/03/2023  
Soldiers come under the geneva conventions, prisoners of war etc supposed they are used to fight against criminal gangs and militia, supposed they get captured and taken prisoner by them, first of all do gangs and militia follow any laws?... no... their rule is by anarchy... they would annihilate the soldier without a second thought, as a matter of fact if gangs and militia know the identity of a soldier they are gonna finish him. So never identify a soldier if even you know him personally. Those soldiers who reveal their identities and talk get no respect from peers of their unit or even other military units, which includes those similar units in other countries.

... the police are men of the law and fall under the bench of justice... civil rights, personal liberties aka the constitution of a country.

If a soldier catches a civilian then that civilian is finished, soldier does not care about human rights or arresting an enemy, as a soldier is trained for war, his job is to use his battle rifle to shoot the enemy or gunbutt a captured enemy.

Caribbean! Rafe...  18:41:12 GMT - 07/03/2023  
Mtl JP 14:47 GMT 07/02/2023 - My Profile

Gendamarie units are police personnel but dressed in full protective gear. They are not soldiers and are not trained neither allowed to fight in that way. Soldiers on the other hand are trained to fight across borders but wearing battle fatigues, carrying food rations, and other necessary equipment which they are trained to use in battle, which enables them to invade, fight and survive behind enemy lines. Soldiers are not trained neither allowed to fight criminal gangs in urban areas, and they do not have the powers of arrest unless carrying out joint patrols & accompanied by the gendamarie units who solely carry the powers of arrest.

Try to imagine gendamarie soldiers as you say, what would they do.. would they go to another country and fight the police there too.

There are day and night differences between soldiers and gendemarie in their training, the roles which they play in society, and the legacies and proud traditions of the units in which they serve... Mixing both or calling one as the other is wholly disrespect to the military units.

Mtl JP  14:47:26 GMT - 07/02/2023  
EUR 1.0924
"Political markets are generally difficult to trade as there is often a short shelf life before whatever crisis is dominating is diffused. This suggests going with the flow while the market is on high alert but be aware that the factors driving it can fade quickly."
- can he throw his police apparatus under the bus ?
- - will he ?

link below:
Article L435-1 of the Internal Security Code on
when can agents of the national police and soldiers of the national gendarmerie ... make use of their weapons

Article L435-1 du Code de la s�curit� int�rieure

Mtl JP  09:53:46 GMT - 05/16/2023  
odds. and timing.
..." if it is resolved (as is still more likely than not), issuance would be ramped up rapidly, with the surfeit of supply weighing on prices. " ...

The Bond Market Is About To Get Intimidating Again

(zerohedge) Authored by Simon White, Bloomberg macro strategist

Caribbean! Rafe...  21:38:47 GMT - 05/15/2023  
Global-View// Please forgive me. Anyhows, I was half asleep and had to get out of bed to do the post.

The main point for all young investors is "Don't under any circumstance, follow media headlines for investing decisions", as a matter of fact just rip out the financial section of the paper and throw it away". If an investor requires investing advice then please pay top dollar but go to an "investment advisor who is certified by law" and who you can sue in a court of law if you think that they misled you into suffering losses from bad advice they gave to you. You don't even speak to your banker about investing decisions because that is not their job neither on a job description basis or even based upon a regulatory mandate. You don't even speak to a friend working in a bank, because your being independent to increase your wealth but taking advise from someone who earns a salary...? That's the harsh truth...

After investment advisor go to "a wealth manager" and give them some of your money to invest on your behalf. The greatest example is UBS... and yes, I still worship that bank, as it's the only bank I ever understood. :)

If you can afford then go to the Rothschilds for perfection, they are people who will make you into a trillionaire, it's all in their mindset to change yours, so you don't buckle under the stress of being so wealthy. Last time, I heard they are still in the business, and still the top .1% in their field.

Caribbean! Rafe...  20:50:06 GMT - 05/15/2023  
JP// I'll say something... I shouldn't but I must. FF, please forgive me. I have to prove a point, sad as it is.

I picked up on this and kept on watching, had to keep my head down because something said "just wait", and yes... see what has been happening all this time esp. of media hoaxes?. And I'm slowly getting ready and waiting for my orders to swing into relentless pursuit to bring those scoundrels to justice, and I ain't gonna leave em' till their dead...

However, I determined that all of this hype they were spreading it had a collective effect and caused the death of one investor, she did not know us and we don't know her. A 20-30 something year old lady, a magnificient lady (if you remember what "that" means), that was on or around the time when the stock trading craze sprouted all across the country almost overnight. These media people spreading hype in India were one of the main contributing factors that caused that death, there were the smaller factors but those are just too far and wide and harder to explain but yes they are linked based on a series of many prior events which they were manipulating at the same time, as if they are some type of secret government. If your a very senior central banker or jag-judicial personnel or senior most judge in a human rights tribunal with experience in such matters then yes you'd understand before the thought is even completed. There have been many market related deaths caused by them over the years, their hyping up the market then people losing then people taking their own lives. In short, A 20-30 something lady got misled and lost either single digit millions or double digit millions, and died a grevious death because of her being misled, either she died that very night or within a few days of that loss, she went to sleep crying so hard and just didn't wake up. They were mocking the loss (amongst themselves) to shame as if it's a normal thing, until they heard of that death somehow, but it was thereafter covered up and hushed up thing, moreover I don't know if she had a family and if she did then they would not have attributed it to that circumstance otherwise they would have done the needful to prove it, inspite of the honchos being so legally powerful. But almost overnight, they/honchos changed their policies and stopped giving advice/suggestions, and that's when I picked up on it, very very subtle changes of industry behavior is what made me pick up on it, meaning "Uncanny Observation". The problem is it does not look like a market related death but it was, and how long will it take for us to prove that to the tribunal, do any leads exist for us to investigate?... No... If they hadn't done all this then the girl would have been married and ready to have her own kids by now, many more precious lives would have been saved. And all such crimes like what they do are never forgiven, one can go to Ganga river to atone for 1 million days in a year but such things are not forgiven, that's not how God designed the world, meaning a dip in a sacred river cannot not change their dirty inner character. Moreover, such kind of actions invoke the wrath of the Gods on humanity, and we all suffer for that, but the culprits roam free and run amok against us, and to top it all off they try to set-up people as victims of their heinous hoaxes. They are even known to do the bidding of rivals in connivance with them, in order to send thieves to break into the targets businesses etc, just to publish a story in their papers, and well... many times they do that for money, as factor contributing to hate crime attack, just to bully someone into their control... Which proves many more points....

dc CB  20:29:34 GMT - 05/15/2023  
(I've only been in this job for...3 months?)
The joys of Trading by the's timestamps Via ZeroHedge.

Stocks started off weak after Fed's Goolsbee warned that SVB was watching the market and bet that the market was right (so lifted its rate hedges) as opposed to The Fed's forecast (and subsequent actions).

Biden said he will meet Congressional leaders tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss the debt ceiling and that seemed to send stocks higher around 1300ET (even though there was nothing new in that comment at all).

1325ET SEC's Gensler said that there was no short-selling ban currently being weighed for US stocks (and rightly so because the last time they did that it triggered a massive wave of long liquidations).

1400ET Fed's Bostic reconfirmed his 'high for longer' hawkish attitude by noting that he would probably vote to hold rates for now (but does not see cuts any time soon).

1410ET McCarthy warned that debt talks "nowhere near reaching a conclusion."

Bear in mind that CNBC did its very best to spin some marginally positive comments by Paul Tudor Jones today as being wildly bullish... they were not.

Bostic and PTJ say 'The Fed is done' but Bostic sees rates here for a while with no cuts soon BUT PTJ sees recession in H2 (which suggests rate-cuts may be on the table). The STIRs market inched hawkishly towards Bostic and not PTJ today.

Caribbean! Rafe...  18:11:34 GMT - 05/15/2023  
So, in terms of timing the markets. I followed the same bond driven strategies I was blaring about, and while bonds were building up then I was waiting and getting other things done...

When bonds got built, the equity signals started coming to me just like the snap of a finger, and even I was surprised at how quickly they came...

So, my best piece of advice to investors is that there is still some time for them to bank very heavily on bonds and when bonds start paying out that's when the time is right to diversify into other asset classes, whether be it equities, or property, or gold or even very large areas of agricultural land for farming purposes, or even residential properties for that matter.

Caribbean! Rafe...  17:56:08 GMT - 05/15/2023  
Timing the markets?

I got signals and have been following them...Yeah, I discouraged investment in equities earlier because the Indian media was spreading market hype and then investors who jumped into the markets were not able to get out of losing trades and are still holding them. The effect of them spreadng hype to cause mayhem on investors pockets in order to sell more newspaper subscriptions and earn more advertising revenues from the people watching their TV discussions with so called market experts, which is another topic for later discussion. Then there were my posts discouraging equities and preferring bonds, so that common sense would prevail and yes common sense prevailed, otherwise many companies would have been forced to delist from the exchanges for whatever reasons.

Mtl JP  01:17:55 GMT - 05/15/2023  
Phil Rosen ... conversation with a top personal finance and economy expert from Bankrate.

... Phil Rosen: How should investors be positioning themselves as the debt-ceiling fiasco drags on, and a potential default nears?

Mark Hamrick: The problem with suggesting that someone make investment decisions that are unique to this experience requires them to do something that's almost impossible, and that is they have to be right twice with the timing. .../..

Timing the market isn't easy during a debt-ceiling showdown. Investors should stick to this strategy instead.

Caribbean! Rafe...  18:12:10 GMT - 09/01/2022  
Mtl JP 05:59 GMT 09/01/2022 - My Profile

For our country to love us as much as we love it, that's what I want!.

dc CB  15:02:39 GMT - 09/01/2022  
Mtl JP 06:52 GMT
not just "deplorable" anymore

Tonight Biden to give a speech----The Semi-Fascist republicans are a threat to democracy.--Part II

Mtl JP  06:52:58 GMT - 09/01/2022  
not just "deplorable" anymore
Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are "a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights." - on Twtr

White House Calls Trump Voters Extreme Threat to Democracy - nationalreview

Mtl JP  05:59:59 GMT - 09/01/2022  
CB 20:36 do you have a equivalent flip-piece on what who-ever runs washington want(s) ?

Mtl JP  22:03:27 GMT - 08/31/2022  
yesterday, for the record, biden was

dispensing advice to right-wing Americans

dc CB  20:36:35 GMT - 08/31/2022  
dc CB 02:25 GMT 08/31/2022
far from being pro-Trump....I'm pointing to the 'snickering Germans'.
Operation Barbarrosa II.
Recall it Winter that doomed the first and Winter is coming.
""Putin has fallen back on another historic Russian military tacticbogging down opposing forces and waiting for winter. Much as his predecessors arranged for Napoleons armies to be trapped in the snows near Moscow and for Nazi soldiers to freeze to death outside Stalingrad, Putin plans to have French and German citizens shivering in their homes.

In his speech at the June 2022 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin predicted that, as Europeans face a cold winter and suffer the economic consequences of the sanctions their governments have imposed on Russia and on Russian gas exports, populist parties will rise, and new elites will come to power. The June 2022 parliamentary elections in France, when Marine Le Pens extreme-right party increased its seats elevenfoldlargely because of voters unhappiness with their economic situationreinforced Putins convictions.

The Kremlin aims to fracture Western unity against Russia under the pressure of energy shortages, high prices, and economic hardship.''''''

Foreign Affairs - The World Putin Wants

dc CB  02:25:15 GMT - 08/31/2022  
far from being pro-Trump....I'm pointing to the 'snickering Germans'.

In four years, Muter and company destroyed an industrial powerhouse.
And the current crop is so smug, that they still think they are on the right track... Operation Barbarrosa II.

Recall it Winter that doomed the first and Winter is coming.

Mtl JP  23:32:27 GMT - 08/30/2022  
CB personally I am politically agnostic (but I do like clowns)
but because I have not come out outright denouncing trump I have lost some old-time friends.

they get even more pizsed and vile if I throw around old trump "do you miss me yet" trademark as they totally fail to see or appreciate my sarcasm

dc CB  19:59:23 GMT - 08/30/2022  
Mtl JP 11:22 GMT 08/30/2022 - My Profile
arg arg arg awoooo -- a political market or
....... ..... sh!t show
Trump -

Rick Noack
September 25, 2018 at 2:44 p.m. EDT

Trump accused Germany of becoming totally dependent on Russian energy at the U.N. The Germans just smirked.

WashPost Sept 2018

Mtl JP  11:31:48 GMT - 08/30/2022  
and just in time "they" will wheel out
"President Biden, in a prime-time speech on Thursday, is set to return to his campaign theme of democracy in peril" - NYT

Mtl JP  11:22:53 GMT - 08/30/2022  
arg arg arg awoooo -- a political market or
....... ..... sh!t show
Trump -
- demanded reinstatement as president or "a new Election, immediately" after news that Facebook temporarily limited a controversial story about Hunter Biden's laptop in users' news feeds before the 2020 election.

- "REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!"

Trump demands reinstatement as 'rightful' president or 'a new Election, immediately!' as some Republicans seek distance from him

Mtl JP  20:23:41 GMT - 08/01/2022  
political market
gleaning hint from today's pelosi theatric comedy:

when it came out that nancy is planning to land in taiwan
US stox reacted negatively by selling off.

Does it mean that IF
- she turns tail, stocks will pop ?
-- she tries to touch down Gold will rally more ?
.................................... dlryen tanks harder deeper ?

tia for trade ideas

Mtl JP  12:39:32 GMT - 07/16/2022  
"If a person is important,people will line up to visit him even if he lives in a remote mountain village..If a person is not important,nobody will visit him even if he lives in the centre of a busy town"..(Chinese proveb).." - shanghai bc, Nov 2006
Brent $101, WTI 97.50

(AFP) - Saudis bristle after Biden highlights Khashoggi killing

"The two sides (Saudi Arabia and the United States) underscored the importance of strategic economic and investment cooperation, particularly in light of the current crisis in Ukraine and its consequences, and reaffirmed their commitment to a stable global energy market," the White House

1) stable global energy market: +/- 5, 10% [ ? ]*(101, 97.50)

1b) biden POOF!s before Nov mid-terms

Mtl JP  14:29:21 GMT - 07/08/2022  
DLRYEN 135.97
hind-sight observations
The POOF!-ing of Abe is a practical lesson of "political market" play
namely that:
- the JPY, bonds gains reactions did not not have a fruit-fly's lifespan.
- players are concerned with something else

GVI Forex 15:16:22 GMT - 02/25/2022  
For those who missed my article, take a look or read again

Political markets are generally difficult to trade as there is often a short shelf life before whatever crisis is dominating is diffused. This suggests going with the flow while the market is on high alert but be aware that the factors driving it can fade quickly.

What complicates the current risks is that markets were already in a fragile state over rising inflation and a pivot to tighter monetary policies by major central banks.

[Forex View] How to Trade in a Politically Driven Market

Mtl JP  11:22:08 GMT - 02/15/2022  
that sounds like logic heard on cnn

GVI Forex 10:01:10 GMT - 02/15/2022  
Logic says Putin is not going to piss off Xi and upstage the Chinese Olympics so the make or break time is after the games end.

Mtl JP  15:05:19 GMT - 02/14/2022  
George pushed away odds of intra meeting rate hike but she appeared to leave a 50-ptr on the possibilities table.
- wsj

GVI Forex Blog  14:40:40 GMT - 02/14/2022  

Political markets are generally difficult to trade as there is often a short shelf life before whatever crisis is dominating is diffused. This suggests going with the flow while the market is on high alert but be aware that the factors driving it can fade quickly.

What complicates the current risks is that markets were already in a fragile state over rising inflation and a pivot to tighter monetary policies by major central banks.

[Forex View] How to Trade in a Politically Driven Market

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