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Mtl JP  09:11:07 GMT - 05/26/2022  
on tradition and reform:
It’s traders vs. investors — and investors like us are here to fight the bear, not flee - Jim Cramer

"Nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash." (on The Navy)
- First Lord of the Admirality Sir Winston Churchill

Israel MacroMicro  23:35:27 GMT - 05/25/2022  
mtl jp

I hear that finally Walmart and target having pair of balls collection on sale, get one asap and you will stop behaving like a virgin in her first wedding night when in front of the trading platform.

Israel MacroMicro  23:30:19 GMT - 05/25/2022  
curly zero hedge boy aka the drama queen keeps pn trusting to have inside him qualities that reality denies him since birth.....

in short, WFAK with a bottle of whiskey sums who is that poor curly drama queen zero hedge transgender

dc CB  21:24:47 GMT - 05/25/2022  
Twitter Spikes After Musk Boosts Equity Component To $33.5 Billion, Terminates Margin Loan

Musk would provide an additional $6.25 billion in equity financing, which would effectively eliminate the need for a margin loan, thereby eliminating the risk that Musk could get a margin call on his loan if Tesla stock price dropped low enough, and eliminated the threat that his "enemies" could keep pressing TSLA stock sharply lower to unwind the Tesla deal.

Elon and the Twitter saga

dc CB  20:44:45 GMT - 05/25/2022  
Nvidia Plunges To One-Year Low After Slashing Q2 Outlook; Blames Russia, China

PAR  19:34:21 GMT - 05/25/2022  
We told on Monday this would be a great week for US stock markets. The sky is the limit.

Mtl JP  18:16:04 GMT - 05/25/2022  
it would appear pundits over-hyped the minutes

Mtl JP  17:39:25 GMT - 05/25/2022  
with Gold off some 25 bux its recent high
one could think it knows a thing or two about FED's minutes about rates

Mtl JP  16:59:59 GMT - 05/25/2022  
NatGas 9.4x HoD
missed the pop. duh

Mtl JP  16:37:40 GMT - 05/25/2022  
bostic says
- Important for Fed to be alert to market shifts that can alter economic outlook
- wants to move interest rates higher 'without recklessness'

Mtl JP  16:27:42 GMT - 05/25/2022  
"risk" is acting like it believes powell atm

Mtl JP  15:39:04 GMT - 05/25/2022  
Trading Like a Reverso verb conjugation ?

"I know people who had millions of dollars turn into $2,000. It was devastating.”

By Jeanette Settembre, NY Post

Israel MacroMicro  14:57:35 GMT - 05/25/2022  
Israel MacroMicro 15:13:39 GMT - 05/24/2022
Dennis Gartman is much too old to see the whole right... :)

long 11590 big huge time ... NQ NQ NQ

Israel MacroMicro 15:15 GMT May 24, 2022
mkt: Reply
first target: today's opening gap

place your bets: when this GAP to close?


the "fill the gap" momentum is still very young

bye 👋

PAR 14:40:08 GMT - 05/25/2022  
Looks like FED minutes will be on the dovish side to support the market.

Someone knows more than Joe Sixpack.

Mtl JP  14:39:28 GMT - 05/25/2022  
GAP on SnP 3976 now closed

Mtl JP  14:28:11 GMT - 05/25/2022  
typically (but not always) when
euro goes uP and usd goes DOwn "risk" goes uP

Mtl JP  14:14:38 GMT - 05/25/2022  
EURO 1.0666
Sup 1.0650
pupp would need to see sustained S of 1.06 to gather more enthusiasts for trip south

Res 1.07 initially , 1.0750/60 above

Mtl JP  13:56:16 GMT - 05/25/2022  
EURUSD 1.0665
DLRx 102.26
10-YR: 2.749% -0.011
Bund 10-YR: 0.947% -0.003

Couple things players r likely gaming:
yield and spread dynamic and
the FED commitment to rate hikes in face of slowing economy

judging from the DLRx chart odds of a massive dlr pop / rally look low

Israel MacroMicro  11:02:22 GMT - 05/25/2022  

Entry: Target: Stop:
$1890 a barrier on one side for now

point and question are: where is the place/price to buy and keep it when it will go through $1890... of course, if at all

good trades to the very few active people in this forum

where is 100% guaranteed right and when it goes plop he says it was 100% planned to make people to lose money... I mean that person moving from test to test in virtual money reality and screams "PROFIT"... hahaha lalala shashasha

dead serious, good trades to you all :)

Mtl JP  10:46:47 GMT - 05/25/2022  
on deck
12:15 brainard yaks
14:00 FOMC Minutes

The FED gang is starting to get some nasty comments about its "inflation fight" with loud screams about raising rates while heading into slowing economy. (potential for recession)

10-yr 2.751
Gold: 1855

Mtl JP  22:47:59 GMT - 05/24/2022  
for the record and reference from the horse's mouth
"not in panic mode"
Lagarde Says ECB Won’t Be Rushed as Officials Act to Curb Prices
No need to panic with inflation ‘fueled by the supply side’
ECB president speaks in Bloomberg TV interview from Davos

“I don’t think that we’re in a situation of surging demand at the moment,” she told Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday. “It’s definitely an inflation that is fueled by the supply side of the economy. In that situation, we have to move in the right direction, obviously, but we don’t have to rush and we don’t have to panic.”

WATCH: Lagarde discusses the likely end of negative interest rates. Source: Bloomberg By Alexander Weber and Francine Lacqua May 24, 2022

Mtl JP  17:08:13 GMT - 05/24/2022  
Guterres to Seton Hall graduates
my generation, and your parents generation have fallen short ... failed

"Don’t work for climate wreckers" (starts around the 19th minute)

who are the "wreckers" according to guterres ?
multinational companies and big financial institutions, biggest names in finance, hedge funds and private equity

guterres receives honorary degree speech

Israel MacroMicro  15:15:12 GMT - 05/24/2022  
first target: today's opening gap

place your bets: when this GAP to close?

Israel MacroMicro  15:13:39 GMT - 05/24/2022  
Dennis Gartman is much too old to see the whole right... :)

long 11590 big huge time ... NQ NQ NQ

Mtl JP  14:35:55 GMT - 05/24/2022  
overpaid and with too much time on their hands
or laying out new profit opps to exploit:
The Bank of England (Bank) has today published the results of the Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario to explore the financial risks posed by climate change for the largest UK banks and insurers (participants).

Results of the 2021 Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (CBES)

Mtl JP  14:07:06 GMT - 05/24/2022  
so suddenly, after friday crap-out and bit of a feeble pop yesty "risk" is pulling in its horns and tail now, "earnings" prospects putting fear of gawd into pricing

SnP testing 3900 level again as I type

Mtl JP  10:56:33 GMT - 05/24/2022  
the FED gang vs the Market
Capitulation isn’t coming in the form of price, it’s going to have to come from the Fed

says Joe Terranova

PAR 10:44:55 GMT - 05/24/2022  
I tell my grandchildren to buy stocks but they want only to buy Crypto currencies.

Mtl JP  10:41:24 GMT - 05/24/2022  
trading strategies and trading tactics
(they are not the same thing)
How low can stocks go? This question has made investors nervous, as they fear one bottom after another.

The answer: Pick a number. Some analysts say brace for further drops, others expect a bounce.

‘The dip is your friend’: Why some advisers are telling young investors to buy stocks, despite stagflation fears roiling markets - May 20, 2022

Mtl JP  08:25:44 GMT - 05/24/2022  
more new profit opps on horizon
feel the earth .. move .. under your feet:
Russia should not be in any way “dependent on the supply of anything from the West to ensure the development of critical industries for the security, economy and social sphere of our motherland,” ... “Now that the West is in a dictatorial position, our economic ties with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said
- srce: cnbc

Moscow appears ready to sever ties with the West as China pivot continues

Mtl JP  07:17:31 GMT - 05/24/2022  
10-yr 2.821% -0.035
DLRx 101.80
currently seeing "risk" down somewhat 3920-ish
I am expecting bit of a pop to 3975

ps / managing risk is a personal responsibility

dc CB  21:53:31 GMT - 05/23/2022  
The Wall Street Journal ran a scathing editorial on May 20, called "Hillary Clinton Did It".

The concluding paragraphs of the editorial are worth quoting in full:

In short, the Clinton campaign created the Trump-Alfa allegation, fed it to a credulous press that failed to confirm the allegations but ran with them anyway, then promoted the story as if it was legitimate news. The campaign also delivered the claims to the FBI, giving journalists another excuse to portray the accusations as serious and perhaps true.

Most of the press will ignore this news, but the Russia-Trump narrative that Mrs. Clinton sanctioned did enormous harm to the country. It disgraced the FBI, humiliated the press, and sent the country on a three-year investigation to nowhere. Vladimir Putin never came close to doing as much disinformation damage.

What it means that Hillary Clinton did it

dc CB  21:47:05 GMT - 05/23/2022  
Mtl JP 12:51 GMT 05/23/2022 - My Profile
Is this a gap I missed ?

As noted the $540ish trigger on Elon's margin.
As noted Elon put a bullseye on his back when he decided to 'get political'.

Polyticks dangerous to your wealth and standing
Of recent note: Threatening the Virtue Signalling ESG multibillion market.
HSBC has reportedly suspended a senior executive after he questioned the risk climate change plays on financial markets, arguing investors shouldn't worry about it, according to Financial Times.

Stuart Kirk, global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management, told an audience last week in London at a Financial Times Moral Money conference, "there always some nut job telling me about the end of the world."

The title of Kirk's presentation — "Why investors need not worry about climate risk" — referred to climate crisis warnings as "unsubstantiated, shrill, partisan, self-serving, apocalyptic warnings are always wrong." He called out central bankers and the UN for exaggerating the financial risks of climate change.

"Who cares if Miami is six meters underwater in 100 years? Amsterdam has been six meters underwater for ages and that's a really nice place,"

HSBC Suspends Head Of Responsible Investing Over 'Nut Job' Climate-Alarmist Comments

Mtl JP  20:59:53 GMT - 05/23/2022  
(Reuters) - The European Union will likely agree an embargo on Russian oil imports "within days", German Economy Minister Robert Habeck told broadcaster ZDF on Monday.

Jkt Abel  16:20:42 GMT - 05/23/2022  
Told ya, this week gonna be bullish candle for stock indices. Rate hikes are completely priced in, nothing can push stocks down anymore. No more covid scare too. Worst is over, everything is good now.

Mtl JP  14:41:31 GMT - 05/23/2022  
retail expert bullard says
Retailers who don’t understand that consumers are stretched thin are going to get “punched in the face,” said St Louis Fed president James Bullard. ("lose market share")

Mtl JP  14:31:46 GMT - 05/23/2022  
abel yabadaba doo

Mtl JP  14:05:30 GMT - 05/23/2022  
trading "confederate" is 10-yr around bobbing around 3%

Mtl JP  14:02:16 GMT - 05/23/2022  
maybe try around 3900

jkt abel  13:49:30 GMT - 05/23/2022  
go go stocks, rich gets richer, Fed is toothless tiger, can only hike till june, then pause and reverse again

jkt abel  13:42:42 GMT - 05/23/2022  
read the cryptic messages, they meant to say: keep buying dips

Mtl JP  13:15:02 GMT - 05/23/2022  
New Additional Profit Opps on the horizon
* In a blog post ahead of this week’s World Economic Forum, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said the global economy faces its “biggest test since the Second World War.”

* In combining the Russia-Ukraine war, the Covid-19 pandemic and the spike in volatility in financial markets and persistent threat from climate change, the IMF said the world faces a “potential confluence of calamities.”

IMF says global economy faces ‘confluence of calamities’ in biggest test since World War II

Mtl JP  13:04:22 GMT - 05/23/2022  
The Question
The question is, do the average investors who became day traders in recent years and chased the bubble in crypto, meme stocks and other inflated assets deserve our sympathy?


Reality bites traders, memers and crypt-iots after they chased bubble By Charles Gasparino

Mtl JP  12:51:20 GMT - 05/23/2022  
Is this a gap I missed ?

jkt abel  01:55:27 GMT - 05/21/2022  
saved by the bell, next week will be bullish reversal to end the month...vicious bear market relief rally baby...

Mtl JP  00:01:42 GMT - 05/21/2022  
I guess ... things are turpsy turdy IF wallstreet confuses itself
maybe some characters been 'sperimenting w/them hallucinogens
Wall Street Is as Baffled by Stocks Now as It Has Ever Been
Gap in strategists’ highest and lowest S&P 500 targets is 37%
Big drop in staples, wild swings in risky tech fuel confusion

with all due respect to Wang and Popina: that is bullchit.
Market is always precisely correct.

dc CB  20:09:35 GMT - 05/20/2022  
two hikes in and we are at a bear market, and QT hasn't even started.

"9 or 10 hikes more"
— zerohedge (@zerohedge) May 20, 2022

Jkt Abel  18:54:03 GMT - 05/20/2022  
PPT in action

dc CB  18:45:08 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Mtl JP 00:26 GMT 05/20/2022 - My Profile
Tesla $709 (post-split)
Analyst Adam Jonas said that "Tesla was due for a reset" and asked whether or not new investors/Tesla owners would "enter the arena" at $500.

so what was that stock price 'trigger' to Elon's holdings----That someone here said was 'far fetched' -------

Mtl JP  18:27:26 GMT - 05/20/2022  
those who do not trade on margin
and therefor do not have to sell

Jkt Abel  18:09:56 GMT - 05/20/2022  
But who is gonna hold long on weekend like this...

Jkt Abel  18:02:17 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Looks like no more new low today for indices

Mtl JP  17:35:12 GMT - 05/20/2022  
SnP500 3813.50
A close below 3,837.25 would mark a 20% pullback from the S&P 500’s Jan. 3 record finish, meeting the traditional definition of a bear market, according to Dow Jones Market Data.

The Qtn now will be between :
- how long (will it last)
- how will it climb out

Which one is more important?

Mtl JP  16:10:59 GMT - 05/20/2022  
SnP 3840 testing S

Mtl JP  15:42:27 GMT - 05/20/2022  
EURO 1.0555ish
puppy currently promising close N of previous week's close
that would lend the puppy a bit of a bull flavour

Mtl JP  14:35:56 GMT - 05/20/2022  
NY JM 14:14 from 12:56 = 1:18hrs or 78 minutes
sounds like jobbing the 5 min bar tactic of the day

Mtl JP  14:29:35 GMT - 05/20/2022  
DLRx 103. ..
looking like bear cub - cute n cudly
ps grown bears are omnivores meaning they also eat meat
on the other hand (to borrow a non-commitment bs line from economist dna) is the market pricing a bull run by the likes of euro, gbp or yen ?

lets see how much in a loss on the week usd closes. doom doom doom as I invite anyone to my
JP 17:42

NY JM  14:14:32 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Wash off…

NY JM  12:56:53 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Another wash on/wash off day.

HK Kevin  07:50:22 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Not a surprise to me if US enters recession in early 2023
What would you say
IF i said :
Fed will not tighten as much as it is trying to scare the kids
2 more hikes and ... pause

Mtl JP  00:26:42 GMT - 05/20/2022  
Tesla $709 (post-split)
"For they that sleep with dogs, shall rise with fleas."
political knives out now:

dc CB  19:21:59 GMT - 05/19/2022  
BlackRock’s iShares MSCI USA Momentum Factor ETF (ticker MTUM) is facing its latest semi-annual rebalance, with the fund’s underlying index due to start the process next week.

Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey estimates that a whopping 75% of the smart-beta product’s holdings will be turned over in favor of sectors that gain from elevated inflation like value and energy, at the expense of technology names.

Zero Hedge

Israel MacroMicro  19:06:24 GMT - 05/19/2022  
IF July hike is 0.25% you will know enough...

dc CB  18:06:56 GMT - 05/19/2022  

scuppered by

The U.S. Senate on May 19 voted to pass a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine, overruling the objections of a few scattered Republican voices who had opposed the bill.

Mtl JP  17:42:53 GMT - 05/19/2022  
What would you say
IF i said :
Fed will not tighten as much as it is trying to scare the kids
2 more hikes and ... pause


Mtl JP  17:06:58 GMT - 05/19/2022  
EURO 1.0596
took a while for a few posi-pips to come towards 1.06

Mtl JP  16:56:49 GMT - 05/19/2022  
jeff cox again, carrying water for the Fed gang
.."George said “we need higher interest rates” but she’s comfortable with the pace the Fed is moving at now and doesn’t see the need for bigger moves, such as a 75-basis-point increase that some have suggested.

“Moving deliberately, making sure we stay on course to get some of those rate increases into the economy and then watch how that’s unfolding is going to be really the focus of my attention,” she said. “I think we’re good at 50 basis points right now, and I’d have to see something very different to say we need to go further than that.” .../.

Inflation-fighting Fed isn’t focused on impact of rates on stocks, Esther George Says

Israel MacroMicro  14:02:52 GMT - 05/19/2022  
BONDS do lead :)

they do lead investors into confusion raised by traders in panic

Mtl JP  13:44:41 GMT - 05/19/2022  
10-yr 2.80x %
the essplainer today

EURO 1.0556
BULLISH (mildly) as long as 1.0510 holds S

Israel MacroMicro  13:04:31 GMT - 05/19/2022  
NQ @ 11800

my base approach from now towards the expiry of the current contract is that 11400 will not print.

let us see, I can be dead wrong :)

dc CB  12:35:42 GMT - 05/19/2022  
Philly Fed Manufacturing Index
2.6 v expected -14.9

Mtl JP  09:34:56 GMT - 05/19/2022  
janet "go big" yellen "specialization" PhD expertise is generally acknowledged to be "labor" (or labor market) expert.

now, IF what wlmrt and & have been saying about margins is true, then employee overhead turfing (cub cuts) is next

Mtl JP  09:20:37 GMT - 05/19/2022  
SnP 3861 LoD sofar
janet "go big" yellen, babbling in Bonn on wednesday
claimed to be deeply concerned about the unfolding crisis

Israel MacroMicro  08:54:24 GMT - 05/19/2022  
ES/SPX for today:

3828/3833 seems to tough to get taken on first stab if seen.

Mtl JP  07:29:57 GMT - 05/19/2022  
SnP 3890 ... only 30ish pts to D price line
D = do (not) cross line

Mtl JP  23:24:03 GMT - 05/18/2022  
I do not know of a private enterprise that has better database on its profile clients than wlmrt and that knows how to juice 'em for profit.

now... in light of wlmrt' stock tank

I suspect the depth of the tank (-20%) had to do more with momentum players (baby & bath water) than cold spreadsheet valuation calculation. wlmrt is a BoD and more if it goes off another 20% (or ...) tomorrow or by friday

ps / risk management is a personal responsibility

dc CB  20:54:20 GMT - 05/18/2022  
leave you with this: How Many ETFs have WMT and as seen today TGT as their major holdings.
The how many other Funds MIRROR those ETFs.

'What's in Your Pension portfolio' (portfolios run by geniuses that get hired by city/state/unions, chasing that required magic 8% Yield)

dc CB  19:52:35 GMT - 05/18/2022  
find your horse?


london red  19:02:28 GMT - 05/18/2022  
JP, 3855 is the 20% bear line. they bounced off it once, twice makes a double b. if not a v quick fall to 36xx/37xx because when double b doesnt come off u normally get stroppy teenager reaction the other way. ie tantrums n $hit.

Mtl JP  18:41:18 GMT - 05/18/2022  
SnP 3925
I guess some will think there are bargains around 3850

Mtl JP  17:57:44 GMT - 05/18/2022  
SnP 3928 ...
screaming like that aussi tourist I met
deepaA mayte deeeeeepaAAH

Mtl JP  16:58:39 GMT - 05/18/2022  
plenty of folks with opinions be it about ... ahhh well all sorts of things
I guess the good thing about that is that it speaks of variety rather than 99% voting communist monothinkers. I think Likaj under-estimates mankind's dog-eat-dog propensity
Opinion: If the Earth is truly approaching its finite limits (and it is), can humans learn to live within our means?
By Michael Jacobs Xhulia Likaj

The answer is obvious: Developed economies need to stop growing and start contracting. But that need not be disastrous for their people.

“The Limits to Growth”

Mtl JP  16:42:47 GMT - 05/18/2022  
watson - yo sherlock ... look: only one green

dc CB  16:26:44 GMT - 05/18/2022  
Russia/Ukraine Grain Deal?? United Nations Makes an Attempt---to open Ukraine ports.

specs are selling---run up this week tooooo Yuge.

Mtl JP  15:26:44 GMT - 05/18/2022  
odds are 3976 holds S

Mtl JP  15:10:15 GMT - 05/18/2022  
3976 both trgt and S
on my s/term radar

Mtl JP  15:08:35 GMT - 05/18/2022  
3996 LoD sofar
poof! 4K

Mtl JP  15:04:12 GMT - 05/18/2022  
SnP at 4002
just barely above 4,000
lets see the quality of 4K Support

Mtl JP  15:02:48 GMT - 05/18/2022  
what is unhealthy, from a social point-of-view, are healthy consumer balance sheets: it makes folks picky about work(ing), it gives them free time and ability to riot in the streets about various social issues whereas IF they were in debt upto and beyond eyeballs worrying about losing roof and where next meal comes from they d be doing the murrikan thing instead (dubuya's three jobs)

Mtl JP  14:54:17 GMT - 05/18/2022  
walmart and target management need some spanking (aka reduction in their compensation & improve their mental swiftness) which, maybe , will wake them up and do something to shore up the margins at their respective (non-charitable) companies and go after the wads of cash eyeballed by jerome in his yesty yak.

Mtl JP  14:44:46 GMT - 05/18/2022  
watson to sherlock (observing headlines and scratching confusingly noggin and chin)
"The economy is strong. Consumer balance sheets are healthy. Businesses are healthy," Powell yesty

Americans are more stressed about money than ever, and it’s hurting our mental health

Target and Walmart are not alone in their earnings struggles as S&P 500 margins fall

Target shares sink 25% after company says high costs, inventory woes hit profits

yo sherlock ... how does that fit and work all together ?

Mtl JP  10:24:34 GMT - 05/18/2022  
GBP 1.2423, eurgbp 0.8474
can't help loving the astutement of british rags
The revelation caused outrage last night because governor Andrew Bailey has warned he feels ‘helpless’ in the face of surging inflation and 'apocalyptic’ food price rises.

So THAT'S why the Bank of England is helpless! Staff only have to go to office one day a week amid backlash over governor’s claim he’s unable to stem inflation

Mtl JP  09:49:40 GMT - 05/18/2022  
sherlock to watson
Stock Futures Trade Lower as Powell Says Fed Has 'Resolve' to Cool Inflation
U.S. stock futures slip a day after solid market bounce

GVI Forex 08:23:33 GMT - 05/18/2022  
A look at the day ahead in markets from Julien Ponthus.

One might think that with CNN's popular gauge of investor sentiment stuck on 'extreme fear', it would take some seriously good news to lift up markets these days.

MORNING BID-Extreme fear? Seriously?

dc CB  00:39:01 GMT - 05/18/2022  
get em while you can----

The Campaign Season has begun---will be in full steam ahead post Memorial Day.

via Zero Hedge:
Over 120,000 Hunter Biden Emails Uploaded To Searchable Database

one for the big guy

Mtl JP  23:59:59 GMT - 05/17/2022  
and this is how players game jerome

Mtl JP  23:58:47 GMT - 05/17/2022  
soooo .... this is how jeff cox interprets what what he thinks (?) jerome would like players to "get". (I think ... that jerome is one tuff, determined pitbull/rottweiler mix fighting a labrapoodle called Inflation)

*Fed Chair Jerome Powell said he will back interest rate increases until prices start falling back toward a healthy level.

* “If that involves moving past broadly understood levels of neutral we won’t hesitate to do that,” the central bank leader told the Wall Street Journal

Powell says the Fed will not hesitate to keep raising rates until inflation comes down
MAY 17 2022 , Jeff Cox

Mtl JP  22:37:42 GMT - 05/17/2022  
Rafe... 18:29 -- ???

dc CB  21:28:18 GMT - 05/17/2022  
leave the indexes and Vix to the Daily Racing Form traders.
The Trends----food, fuel, treasuries....go back to basic futures trading.


dc CB  21:24:48 GMT - 05/17/2022  
re: Quinex CVX---- Biden admin announced it plans to allow Chevron to negotiate its oil license with Venezuela’s national producer

Crude -2.445mm (+1.553mm exp)
Cushing -3.071mm - biggest draw since Oct 2021
Gasoline -5.102mm - biggest draw since Oct 2021
Distillates +1.075mm

Large draws for Crude and Gasoline stocks.

June Crude---113xx
July Crude---110xx

london red  19:51:44 GMT - 05/17/2022  
yup plenty of scardy cats to fry. dc, what do u see, 20 on the vix before back up, or just the low 20's?

dc CB  19:26:37 GMT - 05/17/2022  
June trading in the 112 handle.
July trading in the 109 handle

dc CB  19:22:12 GMT - 05/17/2022  
also Fri June WTI (CME crude) goes off the board---July trading

dc CB  19:19:21 GMT - 05/17/2022  
this is OPEX week----tomow --- VIX futures Expiry

Fri --- the Yuge collection of Puts to be voided

london red  18:44:44 GMT - 05/17/2022  
JP, euro had to do some catch up from last wk, now in line. from here anyones guess but since they chose not to run stocks down on powell, looks like they have some upside work to do

Caribbean! Rafe...  18:29:45 GMT - 05/17/2022  
pray for him...

Mtl JP  18:18:14 GMT - 05/17/2022  
that "before" probably has another 4 months to run
before everyone sees IF his "inflation" reduction fight is a winner or loser

and IF it will be a loser by about that 4th month hence...

GVI Forex 18:17:03 GMT - 05/17/2022  
Powrll signals broad support 50bps hikes at next 2 Fed meetings.

Mtl JP  18:15:17 GMT - 05/17/2022  
powell says

- wants to see 'clear and convincing evidence' inflation is cooling before slowing down pace of rate hikes

- 50 basis point rate hikes in both June and July is a plan and not a done deal

Mtl JP  18:05:58 GMT - 05/17/2022  
just watching price-action on "risk"

IF it tilts down
jerome will have made some "booo" comment about 75

Mtl JP  17:56:35 GMT - 05/17/2022  
lots of headlines containing "freeze hiring" and "costs rising" today

Mtl JP  17:18:46 GMT - 05/17/2022  
earlier today bullard offered that “Luck favors the prepared.” pithy-ity
lets see how prepared and how in favor with the gawds jerome is today

Mtl JP  15:52:03 GMT - 05/17/2022  
mushroom farmers r-a coming:
powell at 2pm

just to make sure and for safety
he ll be followed by mester and later by evans just-in-case mop crew

Mtl JP  15:46:17 GMT - 05/17/2022  
how does the bell toll for it ?
Regulators have the authority to act now to stop runs on risky stablecoins

Terra crash sharpens Washington’s attention on crypto regulations
- MarketWatch

Israel MacroMicro  15:03:56 GMT - 05/17/2022  
the bonds, they are the leaders for now / imo

Mtl JP  14:20:15 GMT - 05/17/2022  
red 11:15 usual perennial puzzle
who leads: bonds, stocks or FX

london red  11:15:02 GMT - 05/17/2022  
euro now priced in a bit of stock rally. now up to 1.05xx where it spent the couple of prior weeks. so a natural selling level for some. but if stocks can add to gains then euro could still squeeze to 1.07xx

Mtl JP  10:51:19 GMT - 05/17/2022  
10:28 -- jay wanna trade some italian paper ?

GVI Forex 10:28:23 GMT - 05/17/2022  
EURUSD spikes higher on this:

ECB's Knot says a 25bps hike is realistic; says a 50bps hike should be excluded if data in the next few months suggests that inflation is broadening and accumulating.

Mtl JP  08:46:01 GMT - 05/17/2022  
SnP gap
still chased

Mtl JP  08:36:45 GMT - 05/17/2022  
remember dubya ejaculating "You work three jobs? Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." (Bush in 2005) ?

that disease now spread to UK's Minister for Safeguarding, Rachel Maclean. Have a listen:

Minister: Get 'better paid job' for protection

hk ab  08:24:37 GMT - 05/17/2022  
chance of returning to the old "carry" days....

Gold is still high, but not yen.

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