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dc CB  22:56:14 GMT - 11/29/2022  
Mtl JP 19:15 GMT 11/28/2022 - My Profile
Where is Sam Bankman-Fried Hiding?

tune into NYTimes DealBook----Wed ----to find out.....????will SBF Show up????

he'll be in Great Company: People That MATTER 2022....LMAO

PAR 10:10:12 GMT - 11/28/2022  
Who are the auditors of FTX or was it not necessary to have auditors?

In case they had auditors, sue them asap before they also file for bankruptcy.

dc CB  04:39:33 GMT - 11/28/2022  
An eight-episode limited series about the FTX scandal from Joe and Anthony Russo’s production company, AGBO, has been set up at Amazon,

Amazon is hoping to put the show into production in spring 2023.

Variety has learned exclusively.

dc CB  04:08:47 GMT - 11/28/2022  
never to be seen-----LOL

Twitter dis/mis/mal information Correction Team.

Reporting--WSJ correction

dc CB  02:14:14 GMT - 11/27/2022  
PAR 19:18 GMT 11/24/2022
Money laundering and tax crimes seem to be no problem

Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker
Breaking: 8 Congress Members tried to stop the SEC from inquiring into FTX by questioning the SEC's authority to inquire about Crypto

5 of those 8 members also received campaign donations from FTX, ranging from $2,900 to $11,60

Of the 8 Congress Members, 4 were Democrats and 4 were Republicans


PAR  10:55:10 GMT - 11/25/2022  
With good lawyers and the right political connections he can continue
" La Dolce Vita".

Nothing to worry about. Enjoy the Carribean sun.😎

Caribbean! Rafe...  04:26:31 GMT - 11/25/2022  
Humble Fundamentalist Opinion....

SBF did not have a banking licence.

Caribbean! Rafe... 19:20 GMT May 11, 2022
Nifty : Reply
There are things too where people think about what if they need that money. Well go talk to the bank and ask them to underwrite comprehensive insurance policies. I'm talking about mainstream commercial banking. Rather than anything else, go that way before the end of May... Rather than Mayday! Mayday!

The best thing is that commercial banks will never go out of business because there is always excessive demand by the public to be able to trust a bank to keep their money safe for them, and banks have done that job very well... Each and every part of the government in a country has one focus only... Depositors...

dc CB  23:18:44 GMT - 11/24/2022  
"No matter what political reasons are given for the war, the underlying reason is always economic." -A. J. P. Taylor

So far as I can tell, everyone has this story wrong. Many people put together some frame of the puzzle just fine, but this can be a dangerous distraction, so I'd like to take a shot at sorting it out.

TL;DR - You may want to break this up into two or three reading sessions. This is by far the longest article I've written. It has to be. And it won't be the tightest or best-edited. But it's the most important one to date, so I don't want to hold back. My apologies.

The stakes are pretty high—this is a historical battle in the larger World War E. The 'E' is for Economics.

Mathew Crawford
Nov 20

Grand Unified Theory of the FTX Disaster

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:38:46 GMT - 11/24/2022  
Cooking the books on a 40' container of mushrooms... hmmph!

Mtl JP  19:31:23 GMT - 11/24/2022  
yo yo hear yi hear yi peasant
IRS warns taxpayers about new $600 threshold for third-party payment reporting

Get Ready now to file your 2022 federal income tax return

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:28:22 GMT - 11/24/2022  
PAR 19:18 GMT 11/24/2022

Other countries are involved in this... either they issue quantum or get blacklisted...

FIU were supposed to have kept him under watch and flagged his money laundering activities to the other transit countries as money laundering activities are not allowed by them. They signed binding agreements with each other and even treaties of mutual cooperation amongst each other... they can extradite him to any of those countries to serve out his sentence but this does not mean he'd go island hopping from jail to jail...

PAR 19:18:31 GMT - 11/24/2022  
Money laundering and tax crimes seem to be no problem in the USA as long as you are American.

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:12:04 GMT - 11/24/2022  
dc CB 18:56 GMT 11/24/2022

1 question to be asked: Why'd he steal from em', didn't they teach him stealing the government's customers via operations based offshore is a criminal offense and a crime which carries a quantum of no less than 25 years on the very first count. According to me it's also a hybrid FTC and FCC case for stealing their customers by sending/receiving misleading data & transmitting data over multiple locations using undersea fiber optic cables... Do you think his writing a letter which reads more like a girlfriend breakup storybook is gonna spare him quantum... Think again... he got guts to say he wants to uproot the entire financial system with his FTX tokens?.

dc CB  18:56:34 GMT - 11/24/2022  
dc CB 23:29 GMT 11/23/2022
New York Times Confirms SBF To Speak Alongside Zelenskyy, Yellen

A lot of folks have been asking if I would still be interviewing @SBF_FTX at the @nytimes @dealbook Summit on Nov 30…
The answer is yes. 👇
There are a lot of important questions to be asked and answered.
Nothing is off limits.
Looking forward to it…
— Andrew Ross Sorkin (@andrewrsorkin) November 23, 2022

Some of the many "important questions" that probably will not be asked.

The Network Behind FTX
Mary Bent and Mike Krieger join Whitney to unravel the network behind the meteoric rise of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX and what was actually going on at the company.

Unlimited Hangout Podcast 11/22/22.

Whitney Webb

dc CB  20:10:34 GMT - 11/21/2022  
caveat emptor

ETF GBTC Weight GBTC Amount
ARKW 4.84% $54,569,541

This Bitcoin Play Has Gotten Too Cheap. ARK’s Cathie Wood Has Noticed.

dc CB  19:55:18 GMT - 11/21/2022  
recall last fall when the 'calls' here were "USD is toast Buy Betcoin going to $100,000 this year'"

maybe getting to be time to take a cheap flyer on this one.....cud be like buying a Betcoin in 2010 at under a Buck. (which worked out really well...even if you dumped most under 8 grand each)

Stocking Stuffer for the kids,

Mtl JP  19:43:42 GMT - 11/21/2022  
Remember " Nice rock Bob"? gold is too heavy! lol lol

Remember " Nice rock Bob"? gold is too heavy! lol lol

dc CB  19:03:20 GMT - 11/21/2022  
"You're a fraud. You're an absolute fraud." - @CMEGroup
CEO Terry Duffy recalls his encounter with Sam Bankman-Fried last March.
3 min clip

On The Tape Podcast

Twitter link

dc CB  18:50:57 GMT - 11/21/2022  
When SBF asked if Duffy would deploy his model, Duffy told him "Your model is crap. Why would I deploy a model that introduces risk into the system? Of course I'm not going to deploy your model!"
"You're a fraud. You're an absolute fraud."

Penn professor and forensic accounting expert Francine McKenna summed it up perfectly when she commented on Twitter:

"Duffy went to Congress and told them FTX was a bankrupt business model and he was ignored just like he was ignored when he said Corzine knew he had used customer funds and knew where the missing $1.6 bullion was.

CME CEO Terry Duffy Recalls First Meeting Sam Bankman-Fried In March 2022

dc CB  00:27:18 GMT - 11/20/2022  
Caribbean! Rafe... 16:47 GMT 11/19/2022

This is soooo much better than watching endless re-runs of that Dicken's A Christmas Carol.(Alastair Sim is the best Scrooge) over the 'holly days'

SBF et al---the distraction that obscures the real Great Hosing
Sam Bankman-Fried's Law Firm Drops Him As A Client Amid Ongoing Bankruptcy Revelations

run away run away....the gaslightin' begins

dc CB  19:03:58 GMT - 11/19/2022  
Crypto Implosion--Cui Bono

1.1M views 1 day ago
Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the FTX meltdown on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' 15min

SBF et al

Caribbean! Rafe...  16:47:49 GMT - 11/19/2022  
Mtl JP 23:33:33 GMT - 11/17/2022

There is a difference between your past time jaunts, and the frugality and personal humility required to tackle global inflation which has caused other countries economic problems. That frugality to battle inflation is for the people whom inflation affects the most, the masses. And in their so doing, anyone can go anywhere at anytime with the hope when the few pennies you spend are able to support more of that ecosystem where you are.

dc CB  02:47:38 GMT - 11/18/2022  
may get taken down----as is around the paywall
Tucker Carlson Fox ---- lead story

Crypto Implosion--Cui Bono

Mtl JP  23:33:33 GMT - 11/17/2022  
Rafe... 20:07 some of my necessities:
I like to golf ... and fly-fish ... and spend time in Italy ... and the Riviera ... and race my catamaran

live frugally - what is that essatly ? everything I spend on listed abouve gives "someone else located somewhere" a job and renumeration to be able "to buy anything else" . Respectfully I suggest you review your "quote".

dc CB  21:41:38 GMT - 11/17/2022  
CNBC’s Jim Cramer called Bankman-Fried the “J.P. Morgan of this generation,” in reference to banker John Pierpont Morgan’s famous 1907 bail-out of failing banks.

“They call him the J.P. Morgan of crypto,” said CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin of the influential show, Squawk Box, while introducing a September 16, 2022 profile of Bankman-Fried.

“Yeah, the Michael Jordan of crypto!” responded financial reporter Kate Rooney.

CNBC fawns

dc CB  20:16:48 GMT - 11/17/2022  
The wonderful world of BetCoins.

Take note of what just went on at the G20 in Bali.
Take note----The Wannsee Conference 2022!!!!!
They're coming for the money----

I was 7 when I saw this movie--
Bali Hai - The Mythical, Mystical Island in South Pacific

"Bali Ha'i" - SOUTH PACIFIC (1958)

Caribbean! Rafe...  20:07:12 GMT - 11/17/2022  
On Blowing Money this is an original quote created by me while I was typing out this post.

Quote: No matter how much money you have, try to live frugally, stick to the necessities only... Because, "When you spend money on something else, then it becomes costlier for someone else located somewhere else to buy anything else..." It's called Inflation...

Caribbean! Rafe...  19:54:18 GMT - 11/17/2022  
dc CB 16:31 GMT 11/17/2022

A bit too long but nice article nevertheless! better to read it tomorrow morning.

Take a read all of my posts on bitcoin, distributed ledger systems... I just knew sommat like that would happen... meaning wire fraud... which was just too obvious even at that time.

SBF is walking around freely because they let him do so... The first thing to never do is run.

If he runs then it'll become an international manhunt for him... Most wanted fugitive gringo found hiding in SA... or more like jailed abroad and the white house has to spend money to send in negotiators to secure his release from a foreign prison... nice way to blow money his country's money... while dear mr. president and all of his employees from top to bottom are busy fighting inflation so that millions of people around the world don't starve, and they are trying so hard to improvise solutions to the global recession, but he's expecting them to blow their money and waste their time to secure his release?.. c'mon get real!

more on blowing money in my following post...

dc CB  16:31:46 GMT - 11/17/2022  
FTX's new CEO and liquidator, John Ray III, who also oversaw the unwinding and liquidation of Enron, admits that "Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information as occurred here."

And just in case his shock at FTX's fraud of epic proportions was not clear enough, he adds that "from compromised systems integrity and faulty regulatory oversight abroad, to the concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of inexperienced, unsophisticated and potentially compromised individuals, this situation is unprecedented."

According to Ray, he has located “only a fraction” of the digital assets of the FTX Group that they hope recover during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They’ve so far secured about $740 million of cryptocurrency in offline cold wallets,

Enron Liquidator Overseeing FTX Bankruptcy Speechless: "I Have Never Seen Anything Like This"

Belgrade Knez  13:22:59 GMT - 11/17/2022  
Money laundering is a criminal offense all over the world but not in the USA?
only criminal act in USA is not paying taxes! ..... lol

PAR 13:18:17 GMT - 11/17/2022  
It's a joke that he is still walking around and has not been put in jail.

Money laundering is a criminal offense all over the world but not in the USA?

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