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tokyo rana  14:05:46 GMT - 05/17/2010  

Entry: 133 Target: 135 to 145 Stop: open
gbpjpy long closed 1pips plus...
eurjpy long closed 30pips plus,
now short gbpjpy 133.500 target 50pips than again long....
happy trade

tokyo rana  13:44:08 GMT - 05/17/2010  
still hold long......

when everyone think gbp is bullish than start short is best....
for time being long is good idea...
nice sharp move....
when was going down it was slow move....happy trade,

Lebanon 11:59:47 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Great ..
I missed it :)


tokyo rana  11:47:59 GMT - 05/17/2010  
lebanon dear,
again my guess ok...
happy trade,

tokyo rana  10:53:07 GMT - 05/17/2010  
maybe possible.......
im not sure today anything possible....
tomorrow shud go up...
happy tradde,

Lebanon 10:49:36 GMT - 05/17/2010  
I think its going to 112. before , dont you think that ?

tokyo rana  10:30:47 GMT - 05/17/2010  

Entry: 114 Target: open Stop: open
this seems more better than gbpjpy and usdjpy so far...happy trade,

tokyo rana  09:40:30 GMT - 05/17/2010  
tokyo ginko,
usdjpy closed...
maybe again long below 92...
gbpjpy have still thinking short or not...
maybe long is better bcoz to many peoples shorting...
happy trade,

tokyo ginko  09:37:20 GMT - 05/17/2010  
hey Rana, still have your usd/jpy position?

tokyo rana  09:36:31 GMT - 05/17/2010  
usdjpy long close no lost...
now thinking gbpjpy long close and short little 133.600...
happy trade,

Saar KaL  09:33:53 GMT - 05/17/2010  
eurjpy 114.2 to

Saar KaL  09:28:48 GMT - 05/17/2010  
130.20 tgt from here

tokyo rana  09:09:51 GMT - 05/17/2010  

Entry: 135 to 137 Target: 119 to 116 Stop: open
maybe iwill short from here......

look makeet want test 118 sooner than later....

no hope for rurther rise...
lets see happy trade,

tokyo rana  08:36:22 GMT - 05/17/2010  
133.100 seems very heavy for gbpjpy..

Europe Theorist  07:40:08 GMT - 05/17/2010  

Entry: Target: Stop:
CNBC Live..

1.10 would give Europe a 1% growth rate to take its economy into full recovery... reports in French Newspapers wrong... Europe needs 1.10 and is aiming to achieve that !!!

tokyo rana  07:23:33 GMT - 05/17/2010  
iwish i cud long 131.2
and close short also 131.2...
today bad monday...

tokyo rana  07:06:19 GMT - 05/17/2010  
iwas sleeping...
ihad milk no coffee...
it was expected...
good luck to all...
happy trade,

tokyo ginko  07:03:05 GMT - 05/17/2010  
lol, that's quite funny...

Europe Theorist  07:01:02 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Can you imagine taking Tokyo Rana out for a drink...

Ok what would you like...

give me a Beer... no wait.. a beer with a tequila shot... no no wait let me see ah yes ... Vodka with a shot of beer on the side ...No No wait ... Hmmm Ah yes .. a Vodka with with a dash of tequila in it... and a beer with ice... No No wait I know... Vodka, no ice.. and a teqila slammer.. .. yes yes thats it... Thanks

No NO wait I know... give me a glass of water .. hold the ice

tokyo ginko  06:58:21 GMT - 05/17/2010  
OMG, I forgot, he's going to be bouncing off the wall!

tokyo ginko  06:58:15 GMT - 05/17/2010  
OMG, I forgot, he's going to be bouncing off the wall!

Europe Theorist  06:56:39 GMT - 05/17/2010  
You mean he's going to be more hyper than normal..again?? :-))

tokyo ginko  06:54:53 GMT - 05/17/2010  
he's out for coffee, told him to come back when usd/jpy at 92.50

Europe Theorist  06:50:46 GMT - 05/17/2010  

Your way to quiet today... whats up with you??? c'mon fire this puppy up

tokyo rana  04:14:37 GMT - 05/17/2010  
still at least 136 137 very possible wait for load shorts...
even 140plus not impossible im keep saying tomorrow boj sale yen...
good luck..

tokyo rana  04:12:13 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Dear JJ,
careful about europe session it will be tricky...
donot be greedy my advise,

lkwd jj  04:10:06 GMT - 05/17/2010  
i go short gbpjpy again 13123 will hold until ny close.

tokyo rana  03:19:30 GMT - 05/17/2010  
ithink better close short and on bounce again short wensday or thursday....happy trade,

lkwd jj  03:17:43 GMT - 05/17/2010  
i hold small usdjpy short think maybe we see 90 handle .mkts very nervous .

tokyo rana  03:17:28 GMT - 05/17/2010  
tokyo ginko,
yes never minus on yen long...
minus many times when yen short...

tokyo ginko  03:16:05 GMT - 05/17/2010  
so you should always long yen and make money?

good luck

tokyo rana  03:14:49 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Dear JJ,
your welcome....
im un lucky today miss many pips,
good luck....

lkwd jj  03:12:44 GMT - 05/17/2010  
covered 13344 from friday at 13151. thanks rana

tokyo rana  03:09:36 GMT - 05/17/2010  
when ever im short yen lose money...
when ever long yen make money...

tokyo rana  03:07:08 GMT - 05/17/2010  
now no hope for any jpy pair to go up any time soon...but tomorrow sale yen...lets see...happy trade,

tokyo rana  02:34:31 GMT - 05/17/2010  
imissed 230pips short postion..
long 230pips high...
bad luck...
happy trade,

tokyo rana  02:29:31 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Dear JJ,
im still long now above 140 seems very very very difficult...
happy trade,

tokyo rana  02:27:09 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Dear lkwd jj,
yeah we droped.
my view changed bcoz we did not break 133 on friday and bounce to 134.400 ny close...
ithink your lucky you did not close shorts now u can close i close well before idonot want to take risk....
bcoz iwas need to with draw money from my acc so idid not want miss this chance ihad to pay some my loans...
happy trade,

lkwd jj  02:22:19 GMT - 05/17/2010  
rana you told me on friday we see big drop on monday , so i keep shorts. thanks now you think go long? i stay short with trail stop. 13344 entry on friday. far from this mkt

tokyo rana  02:20:52 GMT - 05/17/2010  
or if clear break of 130 than on bounce short...happy trade,

tokyo rana  02:13:47 GMT - 05/17/2010  
Dear JJ,
thanx for post...
im not worry...
ihave small long if compare to shorts 25% of shorts even 10 to 20yen down no problem but ithink gbp come back...
you forgot monday when spike down to 139.4 and pull back to 146 last month?
now 100pips under water...
last month u know iwas 1000pips under water if compare to that this time is nothing...
ijust close short little hurry little regret but its ok its happen to me always...
ithink go long is better my target still 143.600 from there short for 119 no change...
happy tradde,

lkwd jj  02:06:13 GMT - 05/17/2010  
rana why you long gbp/xxx ? in big trouble uk.

tokyo rana  00:23:19 GMT - 05/17/2010  
i closed little early still going down...

anoother 55pips was possible..
and iwas able to buy more lower...

wat a joke again 50pips under water....

anyways its ok.its part of this game...happy trade,

tokyo rana  23:57:49 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 133.49 Target: 143.600 Stop: open
happy trade,

Clearwater EW  23:53:09 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Thanks rana

tokyo rana  23:52:50 GMT - 05/16/2010  
gbpjpy short close with 70pips plus....

lkwd jj  23:52:15 GMT - 05/16/2010  
RANA i covered some gbpjpy short before numbers from japan. just to be safe. still holding gbpjpy shorts and usdjpy shorts.

tokyo rana  23:45:30 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Clearwater EW,
im scared from false break...
iwill go long bcoz to many peoples shorting so go long isbest...
my target 143.600 key area...

happy trade

Clearwater EW  23:29:36 GMT - 05/16/2010  
If gbp yen breaks below 133 would that change your point of view

tokyo rana  22:55:44 GMT - 05/16/2010  
MIAMI HFT,maybe your right....
this is possible....
happy trade,

MIAMI HFT  22:48:49 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 136.00 Target: 130.05 Stop: 139.50
Well My outlook is 130.50 for this week im just expecting a bounce to the mid/upper 130s before taking the next leg down. Im looking to enter at that mid/upper 130 range

tokyo rana  22:48:20 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 92.35 Target: open Stop: open
happy trade,

tokyo rana  22:42:53 GMT - 05/16/2010  
thank you very much for kind compliment..
many peoples are saying gbpjpy cannot go to even 135 and soon see drop to 90yen....
ithink becareful...
happy trade,

tokyo rana  22:37:02 GMT - 05/16/2010  
im forex trading from last july2009 mainly gbpjpy....
happy trade.

tokyo rana  22:35:10 GMT - 05/16/2010  
ichimoku clouds around 141 to 148...
we did not test yet test 142.255 from where we had drop to 130 last time....
happy trade,

MIAMI HFT  22:34:47 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Thanks Rana your an good person on this forum, How long having you been trading for if I may ask.

tokyo rana  22:33:06 GMT - 05/16/2010  
ithink from 136 137 ret 100 to 200pips max...
upside target ithink 143.600 from there 119...
happy trade,

MIAMI HFT  22:29:54 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 136.00 Target: 130.05 Stop: 139.50
I believe that the gbp/jpy will rally to the 136-137 area and decline back down to 130.50 area. Basing this view on Ichimoku Resistance levels shown on my 4H,1H,30M Time frames.

Any opinions on this outlook would be welcomed...

tokyo rana  22:28:35 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Clearwater EW,
cool cool...
iwill long below 134...
your with me...happy trade,

Clearwater EW  22:26:47 GMT - 05/16/2010  
I got out of my shorts friday before close and do not have any open trades but looking to get long here as well with upside towards 140 to 142
manyt thanks

tokyo rana  22:22:55 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Clearwater EW,
your short or long?
did not you look daily chart which i said dec 2009 to feb 2010...
iknow diffrnt time but same move..
27nov 139 5days later 149 than 3days push down 142 than push up and close to prev high 150.6..
my target 143.600 from there short..
happy trade,

tokyo rana  22:19:08 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Clearwater EW,
yes iwill go long....
and you?
still i hold shorts @134.314...
happy trade,

Clearwater EW  22:10:01 GMT - 05/16/2010  
thanks rana mine was opened at 133. 80 u still thinking go long this week?

tokyo rana  22:06:48 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Clearwater EW,
my broker just open 134.200...
happy trade,

Clearwater EW  18:20:38 GMT - 05/16/2010  
What bank shows 149 rana and thanks for the great shorts last week

tokyo rana  17:04:44 GMT - 05/16/2010  
one bank showing 149 onada showing 134.29 universal money exchange 134.400......
yes i use ichi some time....
my charts reading saying it shud go up 141plus below 146some where top maybe im wrong...
ihope today we see 133.45 and iwill go long...
becareful about short this seems bear trap to me..
happy trade,

MIAMI HFT  16:59:04 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Tokyo Rana-
MT4 is showing me fridays closing price of 134.394....your getting quoted at 147-149 is that the expected price when the session opens today?
P.S. Do you use Ichimoku for your JPY pairs

tokyo rana  16:50:35 GMT - 05/16/2010  
thanx for post....
wats rate now?
one bank show 149....
its crazy gap....
iwill go long even go down.....

ihope monday open around 133.45 imade miss friday not close positions now regret it was possible 110pips plus JJ was right..........

happy trade,

MIAMI HFT  16:42:15 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 136.00 Target: 1.3050 Stop:
Tokyo Rana-
MT4 is showing me GBP/JPY at 134.394

This week im going short on the pair with a price target of 130.50.

tokyo rana  15:29:07 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Dear lkwd jj,
please write your view about gbpjpy?
happy trade

tokyo rana  15:25:08 GMT - 05/16/2010  
censored showing gbpjpy 148.700....

tokyo rana  15:24:04 GMT - 05/16/2010  
one website showing gbpjpy 148.700 its crazy..
any body tellme gbpjpy rate?
happy trade,

tokyo rana  13:51:14 GMT - 05/16/2010  

Entry: 133.45 Target: 139 to 145 Stop: open
i set this entry for long..............
time frame 1 to 2weeks....
happy trade,

tokyo rana  13:48:03 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Dear Saar KaL,
thank you very much...
my broker donot have this pair...
happy trade,

Saar KaL  13:44:37 GMT - 05/16/2010  
I suggest you switch to EURCAD
starting a crash this week
for the next five day
Might start short from open in 6-7 hrs

E(High) E(Low) _____ X(High) X(Low)
1.2835 1.2692 _____ 1.2893 1.2641
1.2818 1.2678 _____ 1.2869 1.2633
1.2803 1.2662 _____ 1.2855 1.2616
1.2789 1.2645 _____ 1.2842 1.2597

tokyo rana  13:37:27 GMT - 05/16/2010  
no currency can be all time strong even yen or usd or any.....
for time being yen sell is likely...
big ret before big decline......
next is 119 very very possible but bfore that shud go up gbpjpy and we go alomost close to recent high 146 140.600 was not top....
just need littlle more time ithink june in 120s....
happy trade,

tokyo rana  13:28:35 GMT - 05/16/2010  
18may 300to 500pips move possible in gbpjpy pair....
happy trade,

tokyo rana  13:23:37 GMT - 05/16/2010  
Dear lkwd jj,
how are you?
thanx for post....
tomorrow close shorts and go long.......
as we bounce 133.200 so history reapting...
18may BOJ going to buy usd.....
if we break 133 than short but becareful false breaks...
maybe on 18may 300 to 500pips in gbpjpy....
ithink yen not soft again lets short from 139.5 to 145 target 119 that will be last rise above 140.....
please look chart gbpjpy dec 1 2009 to 8jan 2010....
happy trade,

lkwd jj  12:38:04 GMT - 05/16/2010  
rana thats it? closing all shorts? why yen soft now?

tokyo rana  18:00:37 GMT - 05/15/2010  

Entry: 133 to 135 Target: 139.5 to 145 Stop: 132
iwill go long......

historical data saying still rise.....
any comment....
happy trade,

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