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Kuala Lumpur 06:00:53 GMT - 11/28/2018  
With so many FX trading platforms one can be spoilt for choices but has done wonders for me.

Mtl JP  22:56:42 GMT - 07/26/2017  
goremoron is back.... and fired up more than ever
with a sequel
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

London NYAM  20:48:45 GMT - 02/02/2009  
You and your partner haven't actually answered JP's question.
What are the realizable objectives? What are the possible consequences on a strategic basis?

Gaza is a problem born of from a problem. Which problem to fix?

Halifax CB  20:02:39 GMT - 02/02/2009  
JP - for appropriate use of bombing backed up with capable strategy, see the battle of Midway. For the appropriate use of bombing without a realistic strategy, see Pearl Harbor. For the inappropriate use of bombing without a realistic strategy, your examples serve well. Most other efforts lie somwhere in between.

OTOH, UAV's are very different weapon vehicles, and shouldn't be compared (from a tactical perspective) with old fashioned bombing. Their primary use is information gathering (area surveillance) and highly targeted strikes. Publicly available IDF videos provide a number of good examples.

Livingston nh  19:02:10 GMT - 02/02/2009  
JP - aircraft is a delivery system - depending on what you're dropping and where you are dropping it, it is either stupid or effective -- the boots on the ground or the wildly popular asymmetric war BS is either necessary or a joke depending on what you need to accomplish // a two dimensional force is always screwed against a determined three or four dimensional force --- think of Genghis Khan or Alexander with a B52 -- you think Gaza would be a problem for either of those two?

Mtl JP  18:44:30 GMT - 02/02/2009  
Bombing is thumpingly stupid. like the idiot McNamara who thought one can bomb someone else into submission (McNamara thought that about the Vietnamese).

0bama is either thinking of bombing as "very effective" OR he continues to be surrounded by the "we need more moRE crowd of morons" who advised W. why else would he sign-off on it ?

Exactly what is "very effective" and exactly what qualifies as "appropriate use" ?

Halifax CB  17:32:32 GMT - 02/02/2009  
Nahh, Predators and such like are just very effective weapons if used appropriately. The problem isn't in the tool (AFAIK, the soldiers find them quite useful), but the politicians that wield it....Personally, I would think 0 would love the UAV's, because then he can pretend he's not at war (thereby placating the left) while at the same time pretending that he is (hence placating the right).

Mtl JP  22:59:05 GMT - 02/01/2009  
Halifax CB / 0bama does not YET get that aerial bombing is a tactic and strategy doomed to failure.

Halifax CB  15:17:10 GMT - 02/01/2009  
And speaking of UAV's & such, for littoral combat systems (ASW, anti piracy, sailing past Iran, whatever) world, this & similar are hot:
Expendable sonobuoy flight kit patent

Halifax CB  14:59:59 GMT - 02/01/2009  
Mtl JP 22:14 GMT January 28, 2009
tia for thoughts on buying dips in bomb and delivery makers

Keep an eye out for the Predator UAV and similar. There was some worry that 0 might be cutting back on their use, but apparently not (he ordered five stikes on his third day as Pres alone...). There's over 5K of them now over Afghanistan & Iraq alone; last I heard (albeit a few years ago & mentioned here) more than one per minute takes off somewhere in the world. Israel also makes good use of them for tracking rocket launches from inside Gaza & from that determining the hiding places of the launch trucks...

The bigger money here btw might not be in the hardware (the plane, the missiles, etc) but in the software & systems (from guidance & comms to the mission planning tools) which are - like all such things - infinitely bloatable.....

Livingston nh  12:57:59 GMT - 01/29/2009  
Now that the new House of Representatives in Congress has one-upped the TARP of the old Congress w/o any Repub votes Pres Obama has bought the economic problem - no BIG THINKING projects (Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, Manhattan Project, Interstate Highway or Apollo) despite the size, not even a small world war gets a nod - by the time all these little projects get rolling the recovery will be underway (fiscal policy always lags) - now we see how much more it will cost to get thru the Senate

Attention will turn to the nominations for Fed Governors - a great chance for individual Congress folks to grandstand and at the same time distance themselves from the possibility of a Fed train wreck --- and then Ben comes to the Hill for his semiannual "damming w/ faint praise" sessions // the Fed can't come out of this one looking good

Livingston nh  10:48:11 GMT - 01/29/2009  
JP - Bad Way to start the morning w/ the Goremoron - in an earlier time this loon would have been confined for his own good -- of course, he testified in one of the world's largest asylums // you're right about the profit motives of these modern day luddites

Mtl JP  02:58:54 GMT - 01/29/2009  
lol nh, here is an Armageddon from your own (anti) pal:

He said the latest data showed the planet was "in grave danger."

"This is the one challenge that could completely end human civilization, and it's rushing at us with such speed and force,"

I see new profit opportunities. Guess the race is on. (between the Armageddons I mean)

AMS MAXXIM  01:54:34 GMT - 01/29/2009  
open house no partition harddisc "ubuntu" front or back it's 1 room!

dc CB  01:52:38 GMT - 01/29/2009  
it will come. and there won't be anyone there to pick up your 911 call.
Credit Exposure to Capital ratio. Amounts in $Millions

YVR MAXXIM  01:46:49 GMT - 01/29/2009  
Barrack obama feastnorthfeast keniaindonesiahawaiiamerica!

Livingston nh  01:03:17 GMT - 01/29/2009  
dc CB --hahha - that's the social Armageddon that JP keeps looking for

dc CB  00:57:51 GMT - 01/29/2009  

Livingston nh  00:38:16 GMT - 01/29/2009  
JP - With respect to Gates and his plans I submit Exhibit 1 -

WSJ AUg 8, 2001 -Rumsfeld Aides Seek Deep Personnel Cuts In Armed Forces to Pay For New Weaponry
By GREG JAFFE// "Few expected the Bush administration would consider such deep force cuts six months ago. But defense officials say the president's $1.35 trillion tax cut, combined with a slowing economy, have left little money for the kind of military transformation the administration hoped for. Senior defense officials also say they were surprised by the state of crumbling military infrastructure, which required far greater infusions of cash than was initially expected.

With money tight, force cuts and infrastructure reductions through base closings have become critical elements of the administration's broader strategy to transform the military. The goal is to create a stealthier, more rapidly deployable force better suited to fight future battles."

June 2001 CSBA - The Bush Administration has declared its intention to transform the American military to meet the challenges of a new century. President George W. Bush recently observed that "We are witnessing a revolution in the technology of war. Power is increasingly defined not by size but by mobility and swiftness. Advantage increasingly comes from information . . . . Safety is gained in stealth and force is projected on the long arc of precision-guided weapons . . . . "President George W. Bush, Norfolk Naval Air Station, February 13, 2001

With respect to modernizing US military, the president stated

"We will modernize some existing weapons and equipment . . . but we will do this judiciously and selectively. Our goal is to move beyond marginal improvements to harness new technologies that will support a new strategy . . . .Our defense vision will drive our defense budget, not the other way around."
The principal means the president has chosen for implementing his defense vision is through “a comprehensive review of the United States military, the state of our strategy, the structure of our forces, [and] the priorities of our budget,” undertaken by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Good Luck to Secretary GATES

Boeing -- The Air Tanker fiasco and the Nightmare Liner that they can't build speaks volumes about the management shortfalls at the company --- But it's a fairly safe bet that many billions of stimulus will flow to Boeing and its competitors -- DRONES and a two front war

Mtl JP  22:14:39 GMT - 01/28/2009  
nh, buy on dips opps ?

Reprogramming the Pentagon for a New Age - Robert M. Gates

Boeing Plans to Cut 10,000 Jobs as Demand Weakens - Bloomberg

bulletmakers on the ropes ? I am starting to keep sharp eye for insider and politicians sales. Guess we will see what 0bama really does later this spring when he is supposed to make his defense budget and IF the cuts Gates is currently parading about will really happen.

tia for thoughts on buying dips in bomb and delivery makers

Livingston nh  16:21:57 GMT - 01/28/2009  
Economics, the offspring of politics, returns home as always in a crisis -- Pres Obama has taken the waif under his wing much to the delight of the Republicans -- now the Repubs, like Boehner, Godfather of TARP, can safely employ the flashy empty rhetoric of "big spender" or "budget buster" by voting against the cobbled together stimulus package

TIME - limited patience of the Great Unwashed - The Fed is at risk because it is again the handmaiden of the Treasury and the taxpayer wrath will be directed first against the Fed if things don't turn positive quickly or real inflation takes hold or the Fed in a panic withdraws its monetary support// two years before the voters can get at Congress but AIG, Citi and others on the dole are closer to being cut off than they realize - "How many times do we pour money down the rathole?" and the populists in Congress say no more

The OW&B folks are already worrying about protectionism - they ain't seen nuthin' yet - sic transit globlization

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